I am no longer developing Dolphin modules. My new project is here. https://www.cheetahwsb.com/. Most of the products i sold for Dolphin will eventually be built in as part of the new product i have released.

Boonex has announced that it will discontinue support and development of Dolphin by December 2023. That's just a little over 2 years from now. No further development has been done on Dolphin since May of 2019. It is unlikely they will be doing any additional development before it is discontinued.

Many people running Dolphin have switched over to their new UNA product. For those that don't like UNA, i have created a derivative of Dolphin called Cheetah.

A Cheetah stable version has been released. So if your a fan of Dolphin or prefer to stick with a product your familiar with and don't want to use UNA, the feel free to try Cheetah.